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7 Steps To Help You Get Clear On Your Brand Vision

Where do you see your brand in the future?

That’s brand vision.

A vision statement is an overview of what you want your brand to do and be in the world over the next 5, 10, 20+ years. Take Apple’s vision statement for example, 

“To make the best products on earth, and to leave the world better than we found it.”


Apple seeks to accomplish this through various products and services but their vision is the guide in it all. 

A brand vision goes beyond the daily creation of products and services.

JetBlue may fly people around the world but its vision is bigger- to inspire humanity.

“To inspire humanity — both in the air and on the ground.”


And a short and to the point one from TED, 

“Spread ideas.”


TED Talks do exactly that.

Do you see how powerful a clear vision can be?

But how do you get clear on the vision that you have for your brand?

 Here are 7 ways…

1. Think About Who You Are

Getting clear on your brand vision starts with knowing who you are and what you want your brand to do, your values and philosophy for life.

What are you known for?

What do you stand for?

What gives you courage?

What makes you angry?

Digging deep and answering these questions can guide you in figuring out what you want your brand to do in the world. 

2. Think Value

You’ve thought about your values but what about the value you can provide.

What’s in it for your customers and community if they participate with your brand?

How will you deliver value to the world?

How will you meet a need and be responsible to your customers or clients?

How will you serve?

3. Think Goals

What goals do you want to meet over the next few years with your brand?

Your vision statement will help you define your goals but you can also take a backward approach by thinking about your top goals and then a vision that can encompass those and help you achieve them. 

4. Think Hope

What hopes do you have for your family, business, community, and the world?

How would you like to see things change and improve?

How do you see the future if your brand does not exist?

What about if your brand rocks it and really makes a difference?

What do you see then?

5. Think Why You?

There are a lot of brands, products, and services out there.

What makes you different?

How do you stand out?

Is it your unique views and sense of humor?

Have you overcome a hardship?

What’s your story?

Why should someone go with your brand instead of a similar one?

6. Think How Will You Communicate?

It’s one thing to have an idea of what you want your brand to do in the world, but it is another to know how to share that with the world.

What will be your main avenues of communication with your audience?

How will you share your vision through your story, social media marketing, and all the products and services you create.

Make your vision resonate with your audience. 

7. Think How Will You Grow?

Last but certainly not least how will your vision help you continue to grow as a person and brand?

Your vision is a guide for all the marketing you do, strategies you create, and how you run your business. It needs to be something you can grow into and grow with and something your audience can grow with too. 

As you can see there is a lot of thought that goes into a brand vision to develop a short statement but the answers you come up with to these questions can powerfully guide your brand.

Write these answers down and use them to develop your brand vision.

Post your vision somewhere that you will see it daily. Then review all these answers every quarter or whenever needed to keep you on track. 

If you already have a brand or online presence it is a great idea to do an audit before your start your vision process. This will help you see where your brand is currently so you can build a new better vision for the future. 

I have a whole blog post around participating in a brand audit here. My team also has a Personal Brand Audit checklist that you can download for free here. 

It will walk you through the 5 areas of focus when doing your own brand audit. 

Remember, your brand is your reputation and it already exists if you have an online presence. Take control of how you tell the story.

Be the CEO of your life that you were always meant to be. I’m rooting for you. 

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