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The Three Steps You Need To Know To Build Your Personal Brand

You are more than a logo. Which is why we focus on growing your personal brand and digital footprint using strong brand narratives—like Vision, Strategy, Story, and Tactics—as foundational elements.

Brand Vision

Your brand vision is about where you are now but also where you are going in the future and what you aspire to achieve.

Brand Story

A personal brand is a story that is always being told, let us tell yours and unlock the power of thought leadership in your career and life.

Brand Tactics

You will decide how to visually represent your brand because you only get to make a first impression once.

Brand Vision

I'm new on Personal Branding

Your brand vision is about where you are now but also where you are going in the future and what you aspire to achieve. Think about your ideals and where you see your brand going and the goals you have. Establishing yourself as a thought leader is for a purpose. Sharing and helping others while supporting your own goals.

For your brand, you will want to develop your purpose and strategy. This is where you get clear on your value position, what makes your brand unique, and what makes you stand out. Learn and figure how to make it about your audience not just about you.

You can break it down by:

All the work you do going forward needs to be in line with what you come up with here. Keep it as a reference to make sure you stay true to your positioning and values as you grow your brand.

Brand Story

I started my Personal Branding

A brand story is another crucial part of being strategic about your personal brand setting yourself up as a thought leader. Your story is being told all the time so it will adapt and grow with you as you grow. So do not get stuck here trying to get it perfect the first time but do not skip this step either. Your story is what will help set you apart from the other brands out there, build your community, and connect you with your audience. It requires authenticity but you also have some freedom to tell your story your way. You are the CEO of the Brand called You after all. 

Why are you starting your brand? What do you have to offer? Where have you been and where are you going?

Think about brands like Apple. People love the products and they are forward-focused with innovation but you have to love how some guys in a garage playing around with technology created such an epic brand. It is not just the future but the past that makes a brand stand out. 

In this step, it is time to uncover your messaging and verbal expression through:

Remember your reputation online and off is your brand. So, develop your story in an authentic way and learn to share it well. In my book, I walk you through story pillars to make this process easy.

Brand Tactics

I started my Personal Branding

Last but not least is getting to the actual tactics of building your brand. This is where you will decide how to visually represent your brand because you only get to make a first impression once. This will include the traditional things we think about when we think about a brand- the logo, color palette, style for your graphics, etc. You want your audience to not only get you but know you get them. 

A great way to start is with a digital brand audit which we talked about in our last post here: How To Do A Personal Brand Audit

Then think about your:

Having these elements from the start will not only help you stay on point but it will make it so much easier to hand tasks off to a team as you expand. It will also help in building out your social media profiles, blog, and website, and with any media opportunities that come your way.

It will also help you produce content consistently which is key to growing your brand. You have to keep putting yourself out there to gain recognition and build trust. Have a plan to make it happen.

Brand Strategy Session

With my unique angle of both personal branding and corporate experience, I’m ready to help you break down the branding barriers holding you back, giving you the momentum you need.

During this down and dirty phone call, I’ll give you fast, impactful, and actionable advice to help you build an actionable plan for your business and personal brand goals. Including, getting clarity on what you want from your business and personal brand and how to share your message with the world while positioning yourself as the expert.

Brand Positioning Deep Dive

In this one-hour session, we dive right in on your brand messaging and positioning as thought partners. Together, we’ll fine tune your messaging and positioning to build your ideal brand.

During our web session, you can show me your current digital footprint, the pain points you are experiencing, and the areas where you need help or strategy. I’ll record the session, providing live feedback and actionable steps customized to your greatest branding needs. As a bonus, I also will pull from my library of resources showing you the digital marketing tools and systems I use to make my strategy work.

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Are You Your Brand’s CEO?

To understand what it means to be the CEO of your own brand, you must first understand what a CEO does and I got the opportunity to understand just that. 

During my tenure at Toshiba, I was fortunate enough to participate in a mentoring program and become our CEO’s protégé. Not only was this a huge honor, but a necessary learning experience that helped me shape my brand and build the A Million Little Clicks book series and branding workshops.

What does it mean to be a CEO? More importantly, what does this have to do with brand strategy?

Well, the CEO is the one who sets the strategy and the vision for the entire company. They are strategists by their very job demands. In charge of everything that happens within a company, acting as the driver of a company’s success, and playing a guardianship role in bringing the vision to life while also focusing on the company’s growth.

CEOs also provide clarity within the business by defining the company’s short- and long-term goals and the target audience.

The CEOs then use all that information to create a mission that gets weaved through the company and is presented to the public as a cohesive brand. The CEO does this through storytelling, both verbally and visually.

So what does this mean for you and your brand?

The only thing better than entering a new year is entering that year with a BANG! 

As we are now in 2021, I urge you to become intentional about your future and your personal brand. If you have an online presence you have a personal brand whether you realize it or not. 

How much more powerful would it be if you would take over as CEO and work that brand strategically. 

What will the next one, three, and five years from now look like for you? What could they look like if you stepped up as the CEO?

Where do you want to be? How do you plan to get there?

We are all presented with different opportunities but the good thing about the modern world we live in is that we have a lot of space to create our own opportunities too. Start thinking about yourself as the CEO of your personal brand and life. When you face a problem, think, how would a CEO handle this? 

How would a CEO move forward strategically? How can I position myself and my brand to stand out in the crowded online space and find my people? How can I tell my story?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions that’s okay. I’m here to help you begin to think strategically and rise to take ownership as the CEO I know that you can be.

Reach out to me, and let’s begin charting your path together.

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