What People Are Saying

Read what my clients are saying whom I’ve helped to make a difference in their business.

I met Maegan on Linkedln and quickly impressed with her leadership voice. She truly cares for her team and understands the importance of being a leader, especially in these difficult times. Highly recommend reaching out and connecting with her. Her voice is inspiring and a must listen to.
Kimberly Hambrick
I have worked closely with Maegan for a several years, watching her career growth spanning several companies. It has been gratifying to see her gather skills and learn how to leverage them to position and expand the internal and external capabilities of the company she represents. Maegan is very professional in meeting settings when engaging with executives and can fully articulate a companies goals and vision.
Robert Turner
Sales Director at OpenText
Maegan is a well versed energized person who has always given 150% to every challenge she was every presented with. I enjoyed having her as a team member while she was with DRS and am always very impressed with what Maegan has accomplished in her business career. I only see great things for her and anyone who interacts with her is a fortunate individual as she will never let you down.
Doug Phelan
President at DRS Imaging Services LLC
Maegan has been an impressive and creative partner for our alliance with Toshiba. High energy, great sense of humor, massive attention to detail. Huge respect for her and her accomplishments!
Matt Riley
Chief Marketing Officer - Parcy
Driven, intelligent, and powerful. Maegan has a vision and the drive to get things done. She is both fun to be with and no-nonsense get the mission done at the same time. She raised the bar in my time around her. Thanks Maegan!
Scott T. Reese
I have found Maegan’s product knowledge to be pervasive, and her marketing and presentation skills excellent. Maegan has a talent ofr seeing solutions to complex business processes and communicating these solutions in a conciseand understandable manner. Maegan is extremely dedicated to the task at hand. I would not hesitate at the oppurtunity to work with Maegan again and highly recommend her.
Gavin Rembach
President at DOC-Solutions
Maegan, recently conducted a solutions sales meeting at our branch. I have to say it was one of the best sales meeting we ever had. Maegan is not only extremely knowledgeable; she is also a very dynamic and inspiring speaker. I believe Maegan got through to some of my senior reps and got them to "see the light" as far as becoming a solutions sales pro vs. a box singer! I would highly recommend Maegan, She is awesome!
Jim Bingham
Vice President at Toshiba Business Systems
Maegan is a very detailed consultant with high standards, ethics and motivation. Working with Maegan in the past has been a pleasure. Our employees can always count on a well planned solution to fit their clients needs for tofay and flexibility for future growth thanks to Maegan’s expertise. In the time of knowing Maegan she has always places the customer first!!! I would recommend Maegan to everyone that I know!!
Mario Cipriano
Director of Sales at North America
Maegan and I have worked together on and off for a few years. As we first began working together we were negotiating a partnership agreement between our two companies then the tedious task of launching the sales processes. Maegan was wonderful to work with and her attention to detail was very helpful in ensuring that all steps were accounted for and executed on time. I have valued the relationship and would always welcome the opportunity to work with Maegan in the future.
Dave Allred
Strategic Account Manager at XMedius
It was a pleasure to partner with Maegan in selling Software Solutions as a Nuance business partner. Maegan’s attention to detail and orchestration of a full, start to finish, launch of new product was second to none. In all of my years of partner sales, I have not run across anyone more capable than Maegan. A true professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her for any partnership opportunity or any business opportunity. She’s a star!
George Seymour
Chief Revenue Officer
It was in late 2017 that our company decided to sign a reseller agreement with Toshiba America Business Solutions. I was immediately impressed by Maegan's leadership, presenter quality and understanding of the types of solutions needed for a network of resellers. Frank and direct, she has a very good business sense, knows how to sell her ideas and directs the marketing activities under her responsibility masterfully. Reliable and responsible, she has greatly contributed to the success of XMedius at Toshiba America Business Solutions. it is very nice to do business with Maegan.
Stéphane Vidal
I have known Maegan for years and had the pleasure of working with her while we were employed at Drivve. We were co-workers when I first learned of her abilities and her drive to succeed. She was very knowledgeable in regards to our products and processes, but more importantly her ability to interact with clients was spot on. She had the talent to present our solutions in a coherent and professional manner. Maegan's dedication and work ethic are exceptional. When we worked together I knew for a fact that she would work tirelessly in support of our team and our sales efforts. Any organization would be lucky to have Maegan as part of their team.
Ben Dipane
Proven Regional Solutions Manager
I worked with Maegan for a BPO company and found her to be extraordinarily results-oriented, focused, and extremely quick to pick up and apply concepts. Maegan will continue to be a valuable asset to every organization she works for. She's an immense talent!
Benny StaRomana
Business Strategist
Megan is a sales professional with a strong work ethic. She is able to get things done for her customers, but balances the needs of the company. Megan would be a great addition to any team.
Marlene Houret
Director of Sales at Neopost
I had the opportunity to work with Maegan while I was at Scala and we were working together on a combined project. I found Meagan to be great to work with and she was organized, hard working and driven to produce results. She did so while always putting a smile on peoples face. I would highly recommend Maegan to anyone looking to better their teams
Dan McAllister
Executive VP at Miele Inc.
All partnerships require bilateral diligence, respect and steadfast commitment to meet goals and objectives. In my experience working with Maegan she had gone above and beyond the vendor relationship and truly has worked with me and my company XMedius as a partner!
Phillip Vera
Director at Opentext
I have had the good fortunate to work with Maegan on numerous projects. I find her passion and knowledge of our industry to be extremely high and she always brought value to my customers. Maegan, thank you for always being so prepared and professional.
Cha Holmes
Maegan was my DSM for DRIVVE when I was a Software Specialist. She provided the best sales and software support that could be had. From helping with training my Reps., to end customer support, and technical training, she was the best. Quality person as well as well as being technically savvy. If I were still in that business she would be my go to for any product she is repping.
Dennis Bogler
Business Specialist
Maegan is an outstanding professional with a fine track record in B2B solutions leadership!
Terry Chapman
Maegan Lujan is passionate, smart, hard working, and an all around great person to work with. I recommend her to anyone looking to find the most efficient and cost effective solution.
Megan Metcalf
F500 National Sales Trainer
Maegan is one the most well rounded professionals I have worked with in several years. Her presentation, communication and sales skills are top rate. She consistenly demonstrated a deep level of product knowledge and proved to be a valuable asset to both me and my client's when I was employed at Sharp Electronics. The characteristics that made her a great partner to work with include, persistence, reliable, motivated, organized and well spoken. It would be a pleasure to work with Maegan in the future.
Joe DeSantis
Account Manager
Maegan is a self motivated and driven professional who has consistently proven to be a tremendous asset. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Maegan on key accounts over the last five years and her insight and instinct are unmatched. Maegan has never failed to deliver the correct and expected solution. Maegan possesses the skills that are necessary to an organization to the next level.
Tim O'Brien
National Manager
It was a pleasure to work with Maegan as a channel partner. She made every effort to insure our sales teams were fully aware of the products and services being offered as well as the sales techniques to be successful with them. Maegan is a true professional and is an asset to any organization that has her on the team.
Nathaniel Horenstein
Canon Future Leaders Program
Maegan is a true combination of passion, enthusiasm, self- motivation and technical know how. I had worked with Maegan during our national launch for document solution software and her dedication and support as a Business Partner is simply commendable. She was always very focused and results oriented. She will definitely be an asset to any organization.
Priya Agarwal
Senior Director of Product Management at ADP
I had the pleasure of working with Maegan on a national launch of a document image capture and management solution. She is passionate about what she does and, more importantly, absolutely understands that success in our industry is all about helping our clients improve their business processes. I've seen her in action presenting at technology shows as well as to our sales people. She is knowledgable, personable, professional and an exceptional communicator. I recommend Maegan without reservation for any position of business development or management.
Gary Eyen
Maegan is an amazing professional with technical and business acumen second to none! She is unwavering in her passion to help her vendor partners succeed by providing the best possible solutions. Maegan is highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable, detail oriented and extremely effective in articulating her value proposition. I had the pleasure of working with Maegan as a preferred vendor partner to support our sales team as well as having her uncompromising support on a sales appointment. It has been a privilege to work with her!
Holly Stettler
Trusted Business Advisor
I had the pleasure of working with Maegan in the formation of a program involving the distributor sales organization at Drivve, LLC. I found her energy level to be unparallelled and her ability to quickly communicate challenges and grasp potential solutions was extremely impressive. I would look forward to any opportunity to work with her in support of future initiatives.
Steve Matton
Financial Professional at Equitable Advisors
Maegan is the personification of Type-A, self motivated sales leader. Always on top of things, Maegan by far is one of the most professional and driven individuals that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She would be an asset in any situation.
Gregory Amos
Co-Founder at Full Armor Systems
Maegan is one of the most knowledgable, energetic and content driven people I have had the experience to work with. She worked with my group and was instrumental in helping us deliver value driven solutions to our clients. We found her to be responsive and timely when we needed her expertise. I highly recommend her as a resource.
John Applegate
President at Toshiba Business Solutions
Maegan is without doubt, the most dynamic, detail oriented, vendor partner I have ever partnered with. She brings an amazing public speaking capability with her that is backed by expert knowledge of her products and an energy level even higher. I have always counted on Maegan to launch her products and help me get all of my sales team fired up and confident with our strategic plans. I could call on Maegan at any time and know she was available. I would love to have her join my company anytime because I know her work ethic will be unmatched.
Brad Osborn
She is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. Proactive strategic thinker, honest and an achievement oriented professional. Knowledge of IT technologies in connection with modern way of managing make Maegan Lujan a leader with really huge potential.
Joe Borsodi
Strategic Account Manager
Maegan expertize as professional and Sales oriented Product Manager helped Drivve and Samsung to gain businesses . It was a pleasure to work with Maegan.
Ron Nevo
Product Management at HP