The First step to building your personal brand is having professional photos that reflect your personality and mission. I developed a complete guide to help you plan, take your best photos, and utilize them in monthly social media content calendars to launch your personal brand the right way. 


Did you get stuck during COVID while working on the launch of your personal brand? Don’t know where to start to get those photos that you know are necessary to create a stellar online presence? If you answered yes to one of these questions, I’d like to share a simple step-by-step tool with you that I personally used to put my personal brand photoshoot together during a pandemic.

 The Personal Brand Photoshoot Guide ebook will help you:

Plan a complete photoshoot safely even during COVID

Be ready on the big day with a complete checklist of what to bring

Develop a monthly social calendar with your photos

Personal Brand Photoshoot Guide
Interactive Guidebook: How to prepare for your brand photoshoot day, examples, tips, and a free workbook to use on your big day!

Includes all the details about:

-Planning your photoshoot
-Content strategy
-What you need to hire a photographer
-A checklist to help you put it all together
-Social calendar example and template
-How to strike a pose tips
-And more!

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What to Wear
What to Prepare
What Angles to Use

A walk through of what to take and pack with you. Which garment bag to use, what to shoes to take and leave at home. And more!  

You won’t need to stress yourself out with forgetting last minute props because I lay it out all for you in the guidebook!

It can be difficult to find the perfect angle that is why in the photoshoot guidebook I give you the advice and tips you need!


The Guide You Need To Add To Your Wishlist
 A Million Little Clicks: Vision & Strategy

When I started investing in her personal brand, she found herself overwhelmed at first. Even as a marketer it was frustrating for her to go through all the tips and tricks without finding a resource that explained it all, every step of the way.

It took me a million little clicks to put it all together, hence where the inspiration for the new book derives from (fun fact).

That is why I wrote a book that not only will help you easily start your brand but also provide you with all the tools you need to successfully launch.

The book will be launching as a series explaining every detail you need to launch your own brand too! Stay tuned for more!



What does it mean to be a Modern Professional Women?

"A professional woman is somebody who is comfortable in her own skin, walks into the room and is capable of understanding any type of conversation and interacting with people ... a professional woman's wardrobe is confidence and her smile."