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Through corporate services and workshops, I help train C-Suite leaders and marketing teams on representing the brand, brand integration, execution strategy, and more. I also consult with individuals on integrating a personal brand with a corporate career to gain clarity and take action.


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I work to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life to become empowered and build a life they love — whether I’m traveling the world for Toshiba or speaking on stage.

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I’m a strategist, storyteller, and leader on a mission to motivate and inspire others. My journey has taken me from high risk in foster care to high potential in the boardroom and beyond.

With nearly two decades of sales and marketing experience and as corporate tech leader at Toshiba, I’ve developed a dynamic background in brand strategy, storytelling, and go-to-market strategy.


Coming Soon

 A Million Little Clicks: Vision & Strategy

When I started investing in my personal brand, I found myself overwhelmed at first. Even as a marketer it was frustrating for me to go through all the tips and tricks without finding a resource that explained it all, every step of the way.

It took me a million little clicks to put it all together, hence where the inspiration for the new book derives from (fun fact).

That is why I wrote a book that not only will help you easily start your brand but also provide you with all the tools you need to successfully launch.

The book will be launching as a series explaining every detail you need to launch your own brand too! Stay tuned for more!

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