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A Personal Brand Refresh Just In Time For Summer

I work in technology and I geek out on all things personal branding, but I do have other hobbies. One of my favorites is gardening.

If you’ve heard my story about growing up in foster care, I didn’t even know where I would sleep many times. No stable home much less a garden. Having a piece of the earth all to myself is super special to me. But it’s not the only reason I love gardening, it’s actually what gardening represents.

Do the work, plant the seeds, and you can reap a harvest!

It’s true in life too. I have seen the results of my labor over and over again, in the garden and in my career and life. I have worked hard and the rewards multiply just like a well-tended garden. But you have to have patience and be willing to regroup when needed.

You don’t plant the seed and then dig it up the next day because you don’t see any evidence of growth.

We know a seed takes time. But we so often do that with our dreams and goals, pluck them up before they’ve had a chance to grow.

If you are feeling a bit less than thrilled with your personal brand it doesn’t mean you need to just forget the whole branding thing and move on. It may just be time for a refresh.

There are so many benefits to a personal brand and the efforts are so worth it.

But, just like we sometimes have to change our methods in the garden, try a different fertilizer, move a plant from the shade to more sun, etc., we have to keep changing and growing and developing our brands. Some things will work great, other things will not.

Summertime often offers a slower season so it is a great time to do some reflecting on what is working and what is not and make changes where needed.

What are some ways to do a summertime brand refresh?

Here are some ideas:

Audit Your Current Brand

You will not know what changes need to be made until you spend a little time evaluating where you are. You can do this with a brand audit. Checking your social media profiles. Looking over your website. Asking others to look over your website and see if the message you are trying to express is clear.

I have a full blog post on this if you want to explore more.

Decide if You Need A New Strategy, Do You Know Your Why?

Speaking of your message, if you started your personal brand haphazardly with no real roadmap or purpose, it may be time to go back to the beginning and discover your values and skills so you know how to tell your story strategically.

This is what differentiates you from everyone else and it is what will give you a clear strategy to make your brand all you want it to be.

Update Your Images With A Professional Brand Photoshoot

There is not much that can refresh your brand as well as new on-point professional photos. If being part of a professional photoshoot feels scary and overwhelming I have a Personal Brand Photoshoot Guide available where I share all the tips that I wish I had known when I did my own brand photoshoot.

I go into everything from what to wear and how to pose to what to do with your new photos when you are all finished.

Check Your Tone and Style of Voice

Along with updating your images, you may want to review and possibly update your voice and style, too.

Does your writing sound like you?

Are you sharing your message in a way that resonates with your target audience?

Are there inconsistencies with your voice?

Maybe you are trying to sound very professional when you are really wanting to show your friendly approachable side.

Do some exploring around your tone of voice to make it authentic to you. 

Update Your Logo and Color Palette

If you are updating your images and tone, you may also need a logo and color palette update. These are the things we notice first about a brand so they matter.

You want your brand to be recognizable across platforms.

Having a strong and consistent color palette can help viewers recognize your content online and become familiar with you. 

Have you been inconsistent in the past with your brand? 

Maybe your audience has changed. Maybe your brand has grown and is still growing.

There are many reasons to do a refresh so go through that audit and see if it is time and then schedule the steps you need to take to make it happen. 

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