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The 3 Keys Needed for a Strong Product Marketing Foundation

You research, you know what is needed and what your target audience wants. You put time, energy, and effort into creating a great product. You launch it out into the world excited like it’s your baby because it kind of is. And then…nothing. Cue the letdown music. 

Creating products for your personal brand is a great idea as it sets you up as a leader in your industry and can help diversify your income. But the truth is that all the hard work does not end with the product creation. You have to know how to market your products. Otherwise, no one will know about them. It is a skill but one that can be learned. 

I was recently honored to be included in the Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers of 2020 by the Product Marketing Alliance. I was included in this list because I have been relentless in breaking the mold of what traditional marketing used to be as we are moving into a time of focusing products back on the customers. Marketing with empathy. 

I did not make it here overnight. 

There are many skills needed to market products. Like knowing your audience really well and how to adjust your messaging and positioning. How to tell your story. Knowing what objectives to focus on and how to track key metrics. 

I offer to you here, with my 10+ years of experience, the needed foundation when it comes to marketing your personal brand products, the foundation that matters now more than ever. 

A Strong Product Marketing Foundation


Marketing is going through a process of humanization, especially with the global experience we have been having due to COVID-19. This starts with getting in touch with your customers. Not just creating a basic avatar, but getting to know who they are on a deeper level.

What they love to read and where they hang out online is great information to have but I’m talking deeper. What are their fears? What keeps them up at night? What do they hope for and dream about deep down below the surface? Learn to dig deeper. 


As more and more has come to the surface about fake influencers who rent cars and clothes and buy followers to look good online, the world is craving authenticity. True influence inspires others to take action and grow. Building trust through storytelling brings authentic connections rather than surface impressions.

Think about how you can be you and tell your story. What made you create the product you created? How does it connect with who you are and what you needed a few steps back? 

Emotional Intelligence

As mentioned one of the best benefits of creating products for your personal brand is to set yourself up as a leader. Great leaders have emotional intelligence. Knowing how to take your vision and mission and touch people’s hearts. 

Learn how to be in touch with your audience and share your ideas in a collaborative way. Being vulnerable, asking for input and feedback. This makes your audience feel like a part of the products and services you create and offer.

You can learn funnels, social media, and email marketing to help sell your products but if you do not start with a solid foundation of humanization, authenticity, and EQ you may see your marketing efforts fall flat. Are you ready to build a solid foundation?

If you thought about building your personal brand and sharing thought leadership content but aren’t sure where to start, reach out here

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