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Personal Brand Romance: How To Make People Fall In Love

What’s your why?

Your brand purpose is connected to that. 

You may be thinking so I can keep the lights on and buy some groceries. But your brand purpose is much bigger than money for the services you sell. It’s about creating value for your target audience, employees, shareholders, and community. It’s your SOUL.

And you’ve got to put “soul” into it. 

Brand purpose makes you irresistible to those you serve. It’s a window into your culture and the difference you want to make in this world. It aligns your resources and ensures everyone is working towards common goals. It brings connection and understanding and that’s what creates true fans that send you DMs and encouragement and inspiration. 

To know your Brand Purpose you’ve got to:

  • Clearly define your Brand Vision, Mission, Values 
  • Know what you stand for as a person. This is your positioning. 
  • Put out content that aligns with that while supporting the interests of your audience. Solve their pain points. Even ones they don’t know they have. 

A crucial component in the personal branding journey is being honest with yourself so that you can accurately map out YOUR vision and strategy. Not someone else’s.

I help you start this process in Chapter 7’s exercises of my new book A Million Little Clicks. Navigating this process can be a little challenging at first, but it is crucial to building out your Brand Anatomy.

It took me several months to precisely pinpoint my core and define how I would accurately translate that into a personal brand. But yes, A Million Little Clicks later, the Purpose and Strategy behind my Brand Vision was created!

Alignment + Purpose + Strategy = Your Brand Vision

Here’s a quick exercise for you: Explain your purpose and how your offering will solve a problem in one summary sentence and hit me with it on Linkedin. 

Because as Albert Einstein said, 

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

You have to get clarity about your brand before anyone else can get it. Happy writing. 

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