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The Modern Professional Woman

A Modern take on the Professional Woman

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the phrase, “nice girls don’t get the corner office.’

Over the years, women have fought hard to take a seat at the table in corporate America.

Because the battle was hard, the trailblazers – women who carved out a path for the rest of us – adopted a tough girl persona. However, as more and more women take on leadership roles in the most successful companies on the planet, the stereotypes are being shattered, and we are seeing a brand new type of professional woman emerge.

The Myth – Successful Professional Women Don’t Play Nice

If you’ve been a woman in corporate for any period of time – then you’ve heard it said before, “every woman for herself”, and “nice girls don’t get the corner office”.

The long perpetuated myth that in order to get ahead in the corporate world, you need to be cold, calloused, and competitive is just that – a myth.

For years, women have played into this stereotype, and for years they have been isolated while climbing a ladder made for men.

But, things are changing and this is no longer the reality.

Today’s professional woman is a far cry from the queen “B” who stomped on everyone to get to the top.

In fact, today’s corporate women are rising through the ranks with confidence, adaptability, and a smile.

The Truth – Today’s Professional Woman

In today’s world, there is room for an entirely different type of woman – even at the top.

For those whose ultimate goal is success in the professional world, there are a few characteristics that most women already have, that can be further developed to propel a woman’s success to new heights.


Intuition is truly a gift most women have, that can lead them well in today’s corporate landscape.

Many of us know the nagging feeling, at the pit of your stomach, that whispers what your next step should be. That’s your intuition.

However, far too often, women doubt their intuition. They question themselves and try to logically pick apart their gut feelings.

But, in today’s world of over-analysis and logical structure, a woman’s intuition can be the catalyst to innovation, creativity, and massive breakthrough.

While the world tells women to silence their intuition, I truly believe that a woman who is in tune with her intuition, can radically transform her industry.

That takes a lot of trial and error, listening to your intuition and course correcting along the way. But developing this skill – is a key marker of today’s most successful professional women.


Women have a unique ability to empathize, to read into emotion, and to tap into core motivators.

When utilized well, empathy will help women lead more effectively. Additionally, for those in outward facing roles – empathy can propel sales, improve marketing, and strengthen a company’s culture.

For too long women turned off their empathy in the professional world, viewing it as a weakness.

However, in today’s landscape, empathy is a truly untapped strength that more and more consumers and employees are looking for in the companies they work with.


Very few women would consider themselves confident. In fact, women are less likely to ask for raises, time off, or promotions than men.

However – I want to challenge this traditional stance. In fact, I believe most women are incredibly confident, but that their confidence only stretches into the areas they feel they’ve perfected and fully understood.

Most women in business are confident in the skills they KNOW they possess and are confident in their ability to get the job done, in those areas.

However, today’s professional woman is growing more and more confident in her ability to take on NEW challenges and step into the unknown.

This is where many women were held back in the past.

Women leading the way in today’s corporate world, are more willing to take risks and learn as they go. As she takes these new leaps of faith, she is breaking the mold and setting a new precedent for other women in the workforce.

Community Over Competition

While the stereotypes of successful, professional women showcase women trampling on other women to get to the top – the reality today is that women are more supportive than ever before, of other women in the workplace.

There is a greater sense of camaraderie between women in the professional realm, because we understand the implications of what it means, and what it takes, to be a woman who succeeds.

We recognize more than ever, how a win for one woman equals a win for all women. Because of that, there is more of a willingness for women at the top to reach down and offer support and mentorship to new women coming into the professional world. Today’s professional woman is invested in the next generation of professional women in some truly impactful ways. 

The Real Truth

Today’s professional woman is there to support and empower other women.

She is intentional, focused, willing to work, and uses her innate characteristics to climb the ladder, while helping other women do the same.

She isn’t cold-hearted and calloused.

She isn’t constantly competing with other women.

She uses her intuition to guide her, and support other women on the road to success.

Times are changing, and while there is still a lot of work to be done, it’s a great time to be a professional woman.

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