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Over the holidays, I was talking with a friend during sunset cocktails, at my favorite hangout and she said to me, “You’re so lucky that you have the career that you do.”

I know she meant well, and often I catch myself saying “I am such a lucky lady…”

…but, when I really think about it, I honestly don’t feel that lucky.

I feel like a hardworking, determined woman who’s cracked the code on the most important recipe for being a successful professional: Working for a great company, surrounding myself with the best team and peers, pushing myself outside my comfort zone, and striving to always be learning new things.

Without any one of these, I wouldn’t have the amazing career I do. 

When I’m in the moment, hustling and speaking with you about business and industry trends, I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be.

I’m in my *zone*.

If I didn’t have this time-tested recipe, when I went home at night and laid my head down on my pillow, it wouldn’t be with the same sense of pride and purpose.  

I’d be exhausted-tired. Instead, when I hit the sheets I’m excited-tired.

…And I’m ready to add a dash more spice and adventure to my recipe for professional success.

Before any of you pass out—no, I’m not leaving Toshiba now, nor do I have any plans to change my status at Toshiba.

It’s quite the opposite, actually.

Toshiba has given me the absolute best runway a woman could ask for.

They’ve helped me learn from the best minds. As well as lead some of the best minds.

I’ve traveled the world with them. And had the chance to speak on stages all over representing them.

Plus, we’ve been recognized for some pretty amazing awards and nominations together, Toshiba and I.

Looking at you, Orange County Business Journal Woman in Business 2019 nomination, 2016 Young Influencer and 2019 Woman of Influence by The Cannata Report.

It’s because of the amazing platform that Toshiba has given me—and the continued support they provide me—that I feel inspired to step up my game on their behalf (and mine) in 2020.

In fact, I think it would be insulting to the leaders and peers there and in our industry for me not to.

What does this all mean exactly?

Well, you’re looking at it right now.

I’ve started this personal platform as an extension of my professional one.

And I’m incredibly excited to share it with you!

Here, I’ll be sharing my take on all of the cool and exciting things happening in the world of tech, my role at Toshiba, and business.

I’ll also be sharing with you behind the scenes blogs, videos, and more of my life on the road and on the stage.

And finally, I’ll be pushing myself WAY out of my comfort zone to share my personal story and the journey that brought me to where I am today with you.

So, whatever brought you here—the tech connection, business advice, our work together for nonprofits, or something else—I’m glad you’re here.

I hope you find this site to be full of resources and ideas that can help make your professional and personal journey a little less bumpy.

And a lot more fulfilling. 

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