Personal Branding

Fresh starts and clean slates

Shine your light and start this year bright!

There’s nothing quite like the promise of a new year. There’s a buzz that comes from the mix of motivation, excitement, and hope. A chance to make plans and use this fresh start to try new things.

For me, that inevitably leads to organization—in my home and at the office, but also with my brand. It even includes the reevaluation of a few things to make the new year bright.

One of my favorite places to start anew is at my workspace. Whether it’s my desk at home or office at work, there’s a lot going on. I have no room for clutter. For example, I like to have a [whatever tool you use to keep organized] to keep me on track without getting in the way. My [something sentimental or very you] has a special place and serves as a reminder that this space is all me. Of course, there’s always a notebook nearby to keep track of new ideas, customer likes and dislikes, and inspiration that strikes during the day. And don’t even get me started on all the technology that graces my space!

The next area I like to set my new year refresh sites on is, you guessed it, my brand. There’s no better time to revisit—or create—your personal brand than when the calendar page flips to January. By looking at my brand, and how far it’s come in the past 365 days, I’m better able to strategically plan where I want to take all things me next. This brand revisit helps me define my goals, differentiate myself, stay consistent, remain authentic, and identify my strengths (and where there are opportunities for improvement).

How are you planning on starting the new year off right? I can’t wait to see what amazing things we accomplish in 2022!

Need help getting your brand ready for 2022? I’ve created a free Personal Brand Checklist to help you create the personal brand of your dreams—without the hassle. Or tap here to connect with me one-on-one and I can answer all your personal branding questions.

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