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How to Build a Better Brand in 2022

The year is wrapping up fast. I hope you met all your goals for 2021, but if not, that’s ok.

Now is the time to audit what is left and see if any of the things yet undone are still important to you.

Maybe you’re even wondering how to build a better brand in 2022?

One of my favorite methods of better brand building is not the logo brainstorming and color psychology and deep dives into audience research and all the other typical things that come to mind. Though, I do love those things. 

No, it is to start with an audit. 

As I’ve said many times you cannot get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are starting from.

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit is taking time to look and review how your brand is being perceived. It is not just what you think about your brand but what others are saying about it and the message they are getting. The look and feel you are portraying to your audience and potential audience. 

You can even do a Google search of your name and brand to see what comes up or send your audience a survey. If you really cannot get responses, you can simply try to take an objective look at your brand or have a friend or colleague help you have a look. 

Here are the areas to focus on for your brand audit:

  • Your message and story/ Who you are
  • Your ideal customer/ Who you are speaking to
  • Your website and online presence
  • Social media profiles
  • Bios and media kit

I’ve talked online about so many aspects of branding over this year. An audit is a great way to start building a better brand. You will know where you are starting from and where to go from here. 

But I must ask, do you want this?

Do you really want to take control of your story and tell it your way, or will you let someone else tell it for you?

If you do not take control of your brand and do it strategically, that is what you are doing—letting someone else tell your story. Even if you don’t think you have a personal brand you do. It’s your reputation online and your digital footprint. 

To build a better brand in 2022 you must want it and know why you want it. Clarity is key because the days are not always easy. To humanize your brand, to build it authentically to you, to capture the right audience, get clear on why you want to take control of your brand online. 

What is your story? How can that story empower others?

I want you to want this because I know how life-changing building a personal brand has been for me. The growth, the opportunities, the ability to give back and build a community.

I want that for you. 

I’ve got all the items to review during your audit in a free checklist for you so you can download it and explore your brand online taking everything into account to get a clear picture of where you are. Then, you can develop a plan to help you get to where you want to go in 2022. 

Start here with your free checklist: Personal Brand Audit Checklist

Explore what aspects of your online presence are working and what is not.

Where your message could be improved and clarified. How you can reach the right audience if you are not already. And then think about the strategies that you need in place to meet your goals. 

I will continue to have a lot of resources here for you on the website. Let my team come alongside you as you build out your brand. That is what we love to do. I also have brand strategy sessions available you can book if you want to go deeper. 

As the year 2021 comes to a close, we have a new opportunity to grow together.

Let’s do this!

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