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7 Benefits You Need Now That Personal Branding Can Offer You

Is it really worth it, Maegan?

I know what you are thinking. Building a personal brand sounds like a lot of work. And I admit it truly can be.

I have resources for you to make it easier, but let’s be real… building a personal brand takes time, effort, and a lot of self-reflection too. 

So, is it even worth it?

Yes. Thousand times YES!

Here are just a few of the many benefits to building your personal brand as a working professional.  

1. Sets You Apart

A personal brand will set you apart from everyone else out there in a good way.

This can help you land that dream job if you are searching for a new career or new position. It can help you stand out at your current place of employment, benefiting you and your employer.

And it can help you start your own income streams on the side. 

A personal brand is something that you get to take with you and grow and change as needed from one opportunity to the next.

And speaking of opportunities…

2. Opens Up New Opportunities

From public speaking engagements to promotions to travel, and new connections, a personal brand can bring you so many varying new opportunities.

You can get to do things you never thought of before. When you have an engaging personal brand people want to hear about you and learn from you.

When done correctly, your personal brand will help communicate your value. It also helps with your reputation and perceived value.

You may even be able to negotiate for a higher salary with an on-point personal brand.

3. Professional and Personal Growth

Building a personal brand will push and pull you to grow in so many ways both personally and professionally.

This is so important that I have a whole page in my book A Million Little Clicks on how a personal brand will grow you professionally.

It will increase your confidence, help you earn more, help you hone your skills and talents to have a larger impact, and it could even make you more productive when you start seeing the rewards for how hard you work. 

4. Online Reputation Management

When was the last time you checked out how you appear online? If you have not done that lately, you will want to read the post on How To Do A Personal Brand Audit when you are done with this one. 

The thing is, you already have a brand whether you know it or not if you are present online.

Building a personal brand helps you take control of that, your online footprint and reputation, and tell your story your way. 

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5. Builds Trust and A Community

When you start building out your personal brand and sharing your story with integrity in a way to give value to others you will build a loyal community that wants to interact with you.

This kind of engagement and loyalty will add value to your life both personally and professionally, help your marketing efforts reach further, increase your income, and more. 

Your personal brand does not just give information. It creates an experience. And as you give to others they give back to you often so much more. And this can help you meet all the goals you have too. 

6. You Come More Into Yourself

The right kind of personal branding is not about creating some perfect image to display but about becoming more of you. You get to tell your story your way but it is still the real story.

If you build a personal brand the way I teach you in A Million Little Clicks, it is all on the foundation of your values, passions, and skills and where all that meets a market need. 

As you work through the exercises, you will be able to feel if there are areas where you have been inauthentic. While this can be hard to face, it is a step towards remembering who you really are and moving into your authentic self. This is what will attract your audience and show you are genuine and it feels great too! 

And speaking of feelings…

7. More Joy, Confidence, And Energy

We mentioned confidence already but building a personal brand and getting into that space of who you are based on your values and working out from there is such a confidence booster.

This also increases the joy in your life and powers you up with new energy to set bigger goals and go after them. 

This is a not-so-expected side effect of a true to you engaging personal brand. It fuels you in a new way. 

So are you ready to reignite your life and work?

Let’s Do It!

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