What is Success

What does success mean to you? Often, I think we associate being a success primarily in status or financial terms. But, to me, being a success actually means doing anything well. At least, once we break away from the dominant ideals of our societies. You see, I see success a little bit differently than most of my tech industry peers. Want more insight into what I think the definition of success is?

The Modern Professional Woman

If you’ve been a woman in corporate for any period of time – then you’ve heard it said before, “every woman for herself”, and “nice girls don’t get the corner office”. The long perpetuated myth that in order to get ahead in the corporate world, you need to be cold, calloused, and competitive is just that – a myth. For years, women have played into this stereotype, and for years they have been isolated while climbing a ladder made for men. But, things are changing and this is no longer the reality. Today’s professional woman is…