Want to know what I'm really passionate about?

Giving Back! My goal is connecting community and raising awareness for these causes close to my heart. As a statistic myself, I'm passionate about giving back and giving a voice to causes benefitting foster care, youth development, and domestic violence organizations.

There are not enough words to describe why these causes resonate so deeply with my journey. To provide a glimpse into my emotions throughout my upbringing to better understand my perspective and passion, this short film, ReMoved, explains it best.

Foster Care

As a former foster child, I’m inspired to use my success as a platform to do something powerful – to give back to others in the foster system In a meaningful way so they don’t have to struggle as hard or suffer as much as I did.

But what is foster care?

Foster children are In the temporary custody of the state while their birth parents are given the opportunity to complete services that will allow the children to be returned to them if it is In the children’s best Interest.

Only about half of the children who enter the system return to their birth families. All of them experience extreme psychological hardship, posing material obstacles for their long-term growth and wellbeing.

Youth Development

Abuse and domestic violence – often linked with the foster care system – have impacted my life in a variety of ways. Which Is why I care deeply about volunteering and supporting causes committed to assisting other victims.

Domestic Violence

I am passionate about developing and supporting programs that cultivate youth development with skillsets, life skills, support framework.